The Trap House Members, Ages, Facts & More

The Trap House Members

The Trap House is a popular TikTok web group that rose to fame after posting some outstanding collaborative content on TikTok. They have managed to earn a whooping fan following on their official TikTok channel. The Trap House has created a separate space for itself in the media world. Here you will know The Trap House Members, Ages, Facts & More.

This famous TikTok collective of social media stars has won the heart of millions of fans through a wide variety of videos. The Trap House started during the lockdown period and since then has been very active on the TikTok channel. Over the years, The Trap House has gained a massive fan following through their official @thetraphouse TikTok channel.

The Trap House consists of 8 members who are individually TikTokers themselves. Previously the members have niched out a separate space for themselves on TikTok. Most of The Trap House members are very active on their specific social media content and their fan following has aided in elevating the follower count of the official @thetraphouse channel.

The Trap House Member’s Ages

The popular TikTok web group The Trap House consist of 8 members who are all also individual social media stars. All the members are in their 20’s, young and attractive.

The Trap House members are Colby Brock aged 26 years old, Sam Golbach aged 26 years, Jake Webber aged 24 years, Corey Scherer aged 27 years old, Katrina Stuart aged 23 years old, Tarayummy aged 22 years old, Aaron Doh aged 27 years old and Reggie Webber aged 26 years old.

Social Media Content

The Trap House launched its official @thetraphouse TikTok channel in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. From the very beginning, The Trap House started sharing highly engaging content on TikTok. Their fun and entertaining content on TikTok brought The Trap House huge laurels to The Trap House members.

Through The Trap House’s creative short videos on TikTok, The Trap House was able to earn lakhs of fan following on the platform. Most of The Trap House TikTok content caters to short comedy videos, their lifestyle in the house, and much more.

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In 2020, The Trap House members shared a series of daring videos on their TikTok channel, for which they used the hashtag #10daysofdare. The Trap House also started a band in the house named ‘Love For Hire’ which became the subject of many of their TikTok videos along with music videos.

In April 2020, Colby Brock’s YouTube channel uploaded a The Trap House house tour on YouTube where fans were able to enjoy a glimpse of the very famous The Trap House. The Trap House consists of a pool, a water slide, a basketball court, and a backyard pavilion amongst other luxurious indoors.

All The Trap House members thus have a gala time in this famed house. On April 18, 2020, Colby Brock posted yet another YouTube video where the members were having a The Trap House pool Olympics.

The Trap House’s Net Worth 

This social media collective includes several famed internet personalities who run their own social media forums. This TikTok content collective is known for having a net worth of around $1 to $5 million inclusive of the individual income of The Trap House members. The Trap House boys also run their special boy band named ‘Love for Hire’ which also adds to the net worth of The Trap House. Check out The Trap House Members, Ages, Facts & More below.

The Trap House Members Name
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The Trap House Members With Their Photos

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Here is the list of The Trap House members with their photos given in the table below. We will keep updating this list.

Colby BrockThe Trap House Member Colby
Sam GolbachThe Trap House Member Sam
Jake WebberThe Trap House Member Jake
Corey SchererThe Trap House Member Scherer
Katrina StuartClubhouse Member Katrina
TarayummyThe Trap House Member Tarayummy
Aaron DohAaron Doh Wiki
Reggie WebberThe Trap House Member Reggie

Connect With The Trap House

Follow The Trap House’s social media handles given below so that you can remain up to date with their latest happenings.

TikTokVisit Now
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YoutubeNot Found

FAQs Related To The Trap House

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When was The Trap House launched?

The Trap House was launched in April 2020.

What is The Trap House’s net worth?

The Trap House’s net worth is between $1 to $5 million.

What is The Trap House TikTok content?

Most of The Trap House TikTok content includes comedy posts including fun experiences from the house.

What is The Trap House best known for?

The Trap House is best known for being a TikTok content collective.

Who are The Trap House boys?

The Trap House boys include Sam Golbach, Colby Brock, Jake Webber, and Corey Scherer.

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