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Team 10 Members tikwikitok

Team 10 is one of the most famous American social media collectives. This famous web group rose to fame with their amazing videos on YouTube. Team 10 members have won the hearts of millions of fans through their outstanding videos on the channel.

This American web group started gaining fandom when the members uploaded a variety of videos together. The members of this web group have been very active on the official YouTube channel since the very beginning. The huge popularity of Team 10 makes them one of the most popular web groups on YouTube.

This is an American web group that niched a special place in the hearts of netizens. Team 10 is a social media collective of a group of friends. Many members joined Team 10 since the formation of the web group. Also, several members left the web group for personal reasons.

Many regard Team 10 as one of the most popular web groups in the world. The web group was formed to give a home to new talents who are budding digital content creators. Since the start, Team 10 has given the industry some of the biggest social media influencers.

Team 10 is a web group of friends. Jake Paul heads the web group of Team 10. When Jake started the web group he took some of his friends and called it Team 10. Throughout the years, many members joined Team 10.

Some of the prominent members of Team 10 are Jake Paul, Tana Mongeau, Tessa Brooks, Erika Costell, Kristen Hancher, Chance Sutton, Emilio Martinez, Ivan Matinez, Tydus Talbott, Anthony Trujillo, AJ Mitchell, Nick Crompton, Kade Speiser, Justin Roberts, Travis Talbot and many others.

The web group is based in the United States. Their members have different origins. The social media collective is home to all types of social media influencers. Team 10 aims to give a platform to budding influencers who wanna grow as social media influencers.

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Team 10 Ages

The members of Team 10 are very active on the official channel. In total, Team 10 has around 28 members. The members of Team 10 are mostly young influencers who are in their 20’s.

The charming personality of the Team 10 members makes them one of the most loved web groups on the internet. It consists of members from all age groups. The web group started when the members of this group were in their late teenage years. Following are the ages of the Team 10 members.

Members Age 
Jake Paul 26 years 
Tana Mongeau25 years 
Tessa Brooks 24 years
Erika Costell 30 years 
Kristen Hancher 24 Years 
Chance Sutton 26 years 
Emilio Matinez24 years 
Ivan Matinez 24 years 
Tydus Talbott 9 years 
Anthony Trujillo 27 years 
Nick Crompton28 years 
AJ Mitchell 22 years
Kade Speiser 28 years 
Justin Roberts21 years 
Sunny Malouf 19 years 
Chad Tepper 31 years
Nathan Speiser 24 years 
Travis Talbott 41 years 
Ben Hampton 12 years 
Corey Talbott 38 years 
Cole Carrigan 25 years 
Austin Hare 25 yaers 
Payton Caci 24 years 
Lauren Dascalo 25 years
Brandon Amato25 years
Mikhal Caci24 years 
Adam Quinn33 years
Andrew Bleu 29 Years

Team 10 Net Worth

Team 10 gained so much in such a short period. The web group has millions of followers on social media platforms. Most of Team 10 net worth comes from their social media presence. Besides their presence, the web group also promotes several brands through their social media platform.

The net worth of Team 10 differs from source to source. There is no fixed information regarding the net worth of Team 10. But the net worth of Team 10 in 2024 is approximately around $1 million. The web group has several social media influencers and each of their presence adds on to the web group.

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How did Team 10 Start?

Team 10 started in the year 2016. It was the famous social media influencer Jake Paul who launched the web group to showcase the talents of budding social media influencers. Team 10 has been around for more than six years now.

The web group has won the hearts of millions of fans throughout their journey. The official Team 10 channel has over 2 million followers. The members of the web group showcase their talents through collective videos.

The members of Team 10 became part of the incubator and the management company which had the same name. Team 10 featured nearly 28 social media influencers of all age groups. Team 10 was a social media collective of friends and the members had a great time together.

Some of the members of Team 10 got special nicknames from netizens for their outstanding bonding. For instance, Chance Sutton and Tessa Brooks were called Chessa, and Jake Paul and Erika Costell earned the name of Jerika. And Jake and Alissa Violet were called Jelissa. The web group also earned the Shorty Award nomination for its remarkable YouTube videos.

At present the members of Team 10 are not active on the social media collective. The members of Team 10 are on Instagram but the official page doesn’t display any of their posts. Also, Jake Paul released an official music video featuring Team 10 members in 2017.

Team 10 tikwikitok
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Team 10 Members With Photos

Here is the list of Team 10 members with their photos given in the table below. I will keep updating this list.

Jake Paul (Former)Team 10 Jake tikwikitok
Tessa Brooks (Former)Team 10 Tessa tikwikitok
Tana Mongeau (Former)Team 10 Tana tikwikitok
Erika CostellTeam 10 Erika tikwikitok
Kristen Hancher (Former)Team 10 Kristen tikwikitok
Chance SuttonTeam 10 Chance tikwikitok
Emilio Martínez (Former)Team 10 Emilo tikwikitok
Iván Martínez (Former)Team 10 Ivan tikwikitok
Tydus TalbottTeam 10 Tydus tikwikitok
Anthony TrujilloTeam 10 Anthony tikwikitok
Nick Crompton (Former)Team 10 Nick tikwikitok
AJ Mitchell (Former)Team 10 AJ tikwikitok
Kade Speiser (Former)Team 10 Kade tikwikitok
Justin RobertsTeam 10 Justin tikwikitok
Sunny MaloufTeam 10 Sunny tikwikitok
Chad TepperTeam 10 Chad tikwikitok
Nathan SpeiserTeam 10 Nathan tikwikitok
Travis TalbottTeam 10 Travis tikwikitok
Ben HamptonTeam 10 Ben tikwikitok
Corey Talbott (Former)Team 10 Corey tikwikitok
Cole Carrigan (Former)Team 10 Cole tikwikitok
Austin Hare (Former)Team 10 Austin tikwikitok
Payton Caci (Former)Team 10 Payton tikwikitok
Brandon Amato (Former)Team 10 Brandon tikwikitok
Lauren DascaloTeam 10 Lauren tikwikitok
Mikahl CaciTeam 10 Mikahl tikwikitok
Adam Quinn-
Andrew BlueTeam 10 Andrew tikwikitok

Connect With Team 10

Follow their social media handles given below so that you can remain up to date with their latest happenings.

InstagramVisit Now
FacebookVisit Now
TwitterVisit Now
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FAQs Related To Team 10

Who is Team 10?

Team 10 is a popular American social media collective.

Who started Team 10?

Jake Paul started the web group of Team 10.

What is the net worth of Team 10?

The net worth of Team 10 is around $1 million as of 2024.

When did Team 10 start?

Team 10 started in the year 2016.

What is the YouTube content of Team 10?

The Team 10 YouTube content includes dance and games.

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