The Elevator Mansion Members, Ages, Facts & More (Updated)

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The Elevator Mansion is a well-known TikTok collective of five male TikTok stars who are self-proclaimed friends. This famous web group rose to popularity after creating several interesting content for TikTok users. Through their entertaining collaboration, The Elevator Boys have earned a massive fan following on various platforms. Here you will know The Elevator Mansion Members, Ages, Facts & More.

When many web groups or houses have stirred the internet world, this all-boys web group has earned a separate for themselves on social media forums. The Elevator Mansion is present in Berlin and all the members of The Elevator Mansion web group happen to be German by nationality.

The Elevator Boys came together in around 2021 and formed the well-known social media collective The Elevator Mansion. Since then, they charmed the netizens with their fun collaborative dance performances and other amazing content. Prior to forming The Elevator Mansion, The Elevator Boys had established themselves as renowned social media celebrities with a huge fan following of their own.

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The Elevator Mansion Member’s Ages

The Elevator Mansion consists of five male social media celebrities who proudly call themselves The Elevator Boys. All The Elevator Mansion members are young and charming and are mostly in their early 20s. The Elevator Boys are Jacob Rott aged 22, Bene Schulz aged 21 years old, 23 years old Tim Schaecker, 22 years old Julien Brown, and lastly Luis Freitag born on November 15, 1999, aged 23 years.

Net Worth

The Elevator Mansion is a popular all-boys collective on TikTok and has earned a humungous fan following on their social media pages. The Elevator Boys are all individual TikTok stars and are earning fortunes with their content. The boys have partnered with various celebrities like Heidi Klum and Brad Pitt. They have also collaborated with various brands like Vogue. Inclusive of all of the above, The Elevator Mansion’s net worth is around $1 million.

Social Media Content

The Elevator Mansion launched its collective content in 2021 by creating a TikTok channel. Since then The Elevator Boys started posting highly entertaining short videos on their official @theelevatormansion TikTok channel. Most of The Elevator Mansion TikTok content caters to a creative dance performance by The Elevator Boys. The Elevator Boys were able to charm the TikTok users with their amazing collaboration and have thus amassed lakhs of followers on the platform.

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Along with TikTok, The Elevator Boys have trailed the path of popularity through YouTube as well. The Elevator Mansion YouTube channel was launched on August 1st, 2021. The Elevator Boys share engaging content on YouTube since their YouTube debut on August 4th, 2021.

Most of The Elevator Mansion YouTube videos cater to Q&As, travel vlogs, challenges, boys’ tours, room tours, and more. Through their amazing videos on YouTube, The Elevator Boys have amassed lakhs of subscribers.

The Elevator Boys are also stirring the internet with their Instagram page. The boys made their Instagram debut on August 1, 2021. Since then, the boys have been actively posting on their Instagram page.

Most of The Elevator Mansion Instagram posts cater to entertaining reels of the boys, photoshoots, travel reels, brand collaboration, and much more. Over the years The Elevator Mansion has earned lakhs of followers on the Gram. Check out the updated The Elevator Mansion Members, Ages, Facts & More below.

The Elevator Mansion Members Names
Image Credit:- The Elevator Mansion’s Instagram

The Elevator Mansion Members With Their Photos

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Here is the list of The Elevator Mansion members with their photos given in the table below. We will keep updating this list.

Jacob RottThe Elevator Mansion Member Jacob
Bene SchulzThe Elevator Mansion Member Bene
Tim SchaeckerThe Elevator Mansion Member Tims
Julien BrownThe Elevator Mansion Member Julien
Luis FreitagThe Elevator Mansion Member Luis

Connect With The Elevator Mansion

Follow The Elevator Mansion’s social media handles given below so that you can remain up to date with their latest happenings.

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FAQs Related To The Elevator Mansion

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What are The Elevator Boys’ real ages?

The real ages of The Elevator Mansion are Jacob (22), Bene (21), Tim (23), Julien (22), and Luis (23).

Who are The Elevator Mansion members?

The Elevator Mansion members are Jacob Rott, Bene Schulz, Tim Schaecker, Julien Brown, and Luis Freitag.

Where is The Elevator Mansion?

The Elevator Mansion is located in Berlin, Germany.

What is The Elevator Mansion TikTok content?

The Elevator Mansion’s TikTok content caters to dance performances and other content.

What is The Elevator Mansion’s net worth?

The net worth of The Elevator Mansion is around $1 million.

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