Sway House Members, Address, Net Worth & More (Updated)

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Sway House was a popular social media web group that is widely loved by netizens in the media world. This TikTok web group emerged back in 2019 in Los Angeles and lasted till February 2021. The Sway House collaborative consisted of some of the famous faces of TikTok and other social media forums and together they did a blast during their stay. Here you will know the former Sway House Members, Address, Net Worth, Facts, Ages & More.

This famous web group was a collective formed by Talent X management and Nick Bean became the creative director of the group. Sway House consisted of 10 members namely Bryce Hall aged 23, Josh Richard, aged 20, Noah Beck, aged 21, Jaden Hossler aged 21, Anthony Reeves aged 21, Black Gray, aged 21, Quinton Griggs aged 19, Kio Cyr aged 22, Griffin Johnson aged 23, and Nick Bean aged 27. Out of which, Nick, Quinton, Bryce, Josh, and Jaden left the group midway, prior to the official end of the group.

The original Sway House address was located in a 7800-square-foot Bel-Air, Los Angeles, where the members lived collaboratively to create content and cross-promote their brands. The Sway House is recognized as one of the most famous web groups of TikTok consisting of young and talented TikTok stars and social media celebrities. During its stay, Sway House has gained tremendous love from netizens and a humongous fan following on TikTok. Most of Sway House TikTok content was creative and entertaining videos comprised of the members.

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In most TikTok videos, the members of Sway House were seen having a great time with each other, partying, creating amazing videos, and ultimately entertaining the audience in a large manner. For whatever time Sway House was active, the members gained millions of followers on their official TikTok page theswayla. Even their overall likes had surpassed many millions at the time when the group ended.

Apart from being one of the renowned TikTok web groups, Sway House had also created a space for itself on Instagram. Through Sway House Instagram posts, the group had earned millions of Insta-fam who absolutely adored their creative and highly energetic content. On the @swayla Instagram page, they posted pictures from the house, playtime, interesting reels, fun time, and much more.

The first Instagram post of Sway House showcased the members of the web group moving into the house with a moving truck and eventually featured a welcome party for the members. The moving truck that appeared in the @swayla first Insta-feed had a tag saying ‘Welcome to the party’.

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The boys of Sway House bonded a lot over the period they lived together in the house. Over the years Sway House became more of a mentality and lifestyle than just a house to live in. Over the years many members like Jaden Hossler and Josh Richards left the group in 2020 to focus on their music.

In July 2020, Griffin Johson moved out of the Sway House, and similarly, Quinton, the youngest Sway House member, left the house in 2020 as well. All 10 members were not initially present at the web group. Noah Beck joined Sway House in June 2020 and was one of the youngest members to join Sway House.

By the end of 2020, most of the members consecutively left the web group owing to rifts. Also, there was huge controversy as the members were allegedly breaking Covid-19 protocols all of which finally resulted in the termination of the web group in February 2021. Check out the former list of Sway House Members, Address, Net Worth, Facts, Ages & More below.

Sway House Members With Their Photos

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Here is the list of former Sway House members with their photos given in the table below.

Bryce HallBryce Hall Wiki tikwikitok.com
Josh RichardsJosh Richards Wiki tikwikitok.com
Noah BeckNoah Beck Wiki tikwikitok.com
Jaden HosslerJaden Hossler Wiki tikwikitok.com
Anthony ReevesAnthony Reeves Wiki tikwikitok.com
Blake GrayBlake Gray Wiki tikwikitok.com
Quinton GriggsQuinton Griggs Wiki tikwikitok.com
Kio CyrKio Cyr Wiki tikwikitok.com
Griffin JohnsonGriffin Johnson Wiki tikwikitok.com
Nick BeanSway House Member Nick tikwikitok.com
Video By Hollywire

Connect With Sway House

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Follow Sway House’s social media handles given below. However, they don’t upload any new content there but you can watch the previous images and videos uploaded by the members.

TikTokVisit Now
InstagramVisit Now

FAQs Related To Sway House

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Sway House Former Members tikwikitok.com
Image Credit:- Sway House’s Instagram
What is Sway House?

Sway House is a popular social media web group that received recognition after sharing collective content on TikTok.

How many members were there in Sway House?

Sway House was a 10 membered web group.

What is Sway House’s net worth?

Sway House’s collaborative net worth was around $400k.

Where was Sway House located?

The original Sway House was located in Los Angeles.

When was Sway House formed?

Sway House was formed in late 2019 and officially began in January 2020.

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