The Royalty Family Members, Net Worth, Names, House & More

The Royalty Family Members

The Royalty Family is one of the most renowned YouTube web groups that has received a lot of fan base since its launch. This is a family of four comprising Andrea Espada, Ali Saleh, and their two kids Ferran and Milan Espada. Andrea happens to be a well-known personality before their channel UFC Now. And the couple got married on November 2021. Ferran happens to be the son of Andrea, from her first marriage to Pierre Lepine. Here you will get to know The Royalty Family Members, Net Worth, Names, House & More.

This four-membered family launched its YouTube channel on April 13, 2017. Since then, the Royalty family has gained a massive fan following on YouTube. Currently, their YouTube channel hones more than 18 million subscribers and so far they have uploaded 647 videos on the platform.

The Royalty Family YouTube videos include family, fun, comedy sketches, fashion vlogs, and a lot more. Their first-ever YouTube video brought them, humungous love, from the viewers. They have a total of 4.7 billion views for each of their videos.

The Royalty family is a well-knitted Christian family that is established in the United States and lives in Los Angeles, California. They also have two amazing pet dogs named Princesa and Gucci. The Royalty Family YouTube channel is decked up with their daily life vlogs, challenges, and family life, which are highly entertaining and engaging for their audience.

As for reports, Andrea hails from Colombia and Ali is Lebanese, however, the two kids are American by nationality. Currently, the father Ali is 46, Andrea is 37 years old, Ferran is 13 years old, Milan is 3 years old and Blu Amal Saleh is 1 years old.

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The web group owns a family vlogging YouTube channel that brought him the name and fame they have today. Over the years, they have collaborated with other internet personalities like King Bach and Danielle Cohn. Some of their YouTube videos brought them a record-break response with millions of viewers. Baby Milan’s 2nd Birthday part, Surviving 24 hours on the roof, Ferran Gets his first Job, Free Starbucks, and Life Hacks are some of the most viewed videos of The Royalty Family.

The Royalty family has branched out their popularity to other platforms like TikTok. The Royalty family also owns a self-titled TikTok channel where they upload fun videos, clips from their everyday life, and much more. Since their journey on TikTok, The Royalty Family has garnered more than 1.7 million followers on the platform and nearly 7.2 million hearts from their supporters.

The Royalty family is very versatile with their YouTube videos and also released some music videos titled Royalty Christmas, Stay Royalty, and much more. Ferran, the young king of the family is also a singer and often dedicates songs to his mother Andrea.

As to some of the latest Royalty Family YouTube videos, very soon there would be a new addition to the Royalty Family as Andrea is expecting her third child. In their most recent YouTube video, the family is about to meet their baby for the first time as Andrea and Ali go for an ultrasound. The speculation of whether it will be a girl or a boy is escalating all the excitement. Check out updated The Royalty Family Members, Net Worth, Names, House & More.

The Royalty Family Member’s Names With Their Photos

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Here is the list of The Royalty Family members’ names with their photos given in the table below. We will keep updating this list.

Andrea EspadaAndrea Espada of The Royalty Family
4kpapi4kpapi of The Royalty Family
Ferran The Fashion KingFerran The Fashion King of The Royalty Family
Milan EspadaMilan Espada of The Royalty Family

Connect With The Royalty Family

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Follow The Royalty Family’s social media handles given below so that you can remain up to date with their latest happenings.

TikTokVisit Now
InstagramVisit Now
YoutubeVisit Now

FAQs Related To The Royalty Family

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The Royalty Family
Image Credit:- Andrea Espada’s Instagram
What is the net worth of the Royalty Family?

The famous YouTube web group the Royalty Family owns several income sources and has a collective net worth of around $20 million.

Who are the members of the Royalty family?

The Royalty family members are Alia, Andrea, Ferran, and little Milan. They also have two dogs named Princesa and Gucci.

What are the Royalty family ages?

The Royalty Family member’s ages are 4kpapi, 46, Andrea 37, Ferran 13, and Milan 3.

Which are the most viewed Royalty Family vlogs?

The Royalty Family Surviving challenges, Life Hacks videos, Free Starbucks, and many more.

Does the Royalty Family own a TikTok account?

Yes, the Royalty family owns a TikTok account and has over 1.7 million followers on their TikTok account.

What content does the Royalty Family post on their YouTube channel?

The Royalty family YouTube channel incorporates comedy sketches, life hacks, fun challenges, lifestyle vlogs, their everyday life, and many more.

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