XO Team Members Name With Photos [Updated]

XO Team Members Name With Photo

XO Team is a very popular social media collective that was established in the year 2020, and since then, the group has been streaming successfully in the media world. The web group consists of XO Team members, and all of them are well-known celebrities in the internet world.

Most of their members are focused on making choreographed dance performances that make them one of the most popular groups on social media.

Together the XO Team members run a successful YouTube channel that attracts the attention of most of the audience. The XO Team YouTube channel was launched in September 2021, and since then, the web group has been quite active and very popular amongst netizens. Through their content, the XO Team TikTok members have won the hearts of millions of fans and followers.

Social media web groups are very trending these days, and XO Team is one of those active web groups that has gained a tremendous fan following.

Their members are not only active on various platforms but collaborate to entertain the audience that is available on the Internet. Netizens simply love the amazing videos that their members create together and post on various platforms.

The XO Team Members

XO Team is one of the most loved social media collectives that consists of several members. The brand is known for having all young participants who are active on social media and are willing to create content together. Most of their members belong to Kazakhstan and are associated with each other to create a variety of videos.

So far the names of their members are Timur Sorokin, BEEMBI, Kristina Kim, Kristi Krime, Marks Nemcev, Elsarca, Chana Chanderland, Nastya Badbarbie, Dasha Dzhakeli, Alisha Kone, Nikolay Spesivtev, Veronica Kostya, Enny.

Although the XO Team has witnessed the above members, not everyone is still active in the web group. Some of their members have left the social media collective after some rift or personal reasons.

Journey of XO Team

In 2020, Gary Gary started the very popular social media collective XO Team. Since then XO Team has been very active in the media world. Initially, XO Team launched their TikTok channel, and that made them one of the most loved web groups on the Internet.

Since day one, the members of the XO Team posted choreographed dance videos on the XO Team’s official TikTok channel. Apart from that, the XO Team lip-sync videos also got very popular amongst the netizens. So far, the XO Team has earned millions of followers on TikTok.

Most of the XO Team TikTok videos are set to popular songs by famous artists. These videos went viral in no time, and the individual fan following of the XO Team members made them one of the most-followed TikTok web groups.

The XO Team cast has been changing since the inception of the group. However, some members of the team have to remain constant, and this is the primary reason that the XO Team is still active on the Internet.

Besides TikTok, XO Team is a prominent social media collective on other platforms as well. XO Team launched its official YouTube channel in March 2021. Ever since then, the XO Team YouTube channel has been quite active.

The members of the XO Team have been posting a variety of videos on the channel, and subscribers love their content so much. As a YouTube web group, XO Team has earned millions of subscribers, and that makes them one of the best on the platform. So far, XO Team posts skits, choreographed dance videos, drama, and much more.

The members of the XO Team also associate themselves with viral challenges, trending pranks, popular songs, choreography, and much more.

Social Media Content

The YouTube family of over 15 million of the XO Team loves them for their interesting videos that are quite entertaining. Also, their members collaborate with other guest celebrities in their YouTube videos.

This creative family of the XO Team is also entertaining their audience on Instagram. The members of the XO Team are very active on the Gram as well. Today Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms to keep fans and followers updated about the events and status of the web group.

Just like other social media platforms, the XO Team members also use Instagram to keep their fans updated bout the amazing lifestyle of the members and what they are up to.

Most of XO Team’s Instagram content caters to pictures of the XO Team members, reels of the members, interesting dance videos, travel videos, and much more.

The short skit-based reels of XO Team are quite popular. Even on the Garm, the XO Team web group has earned millions of fans and followers who support them throughout their journey.

XO Team Members Name With Their Photos

Here is the list of their members’ names with their photos given in the table below. I will keep updating this list.

Danya BoomDanya Boom
Maks NemcevMaks Nemcev
Timur SorokinTimur Sorokin
Chana ChanderlandChana Chanderland
Kristina KimKristina Kim WIki tikwikitok.com
Nastya BadbarbieNastya Badbarbie
Dasha DzhakeliDasha Dzhakeli
Kristi KrimeKristi Krime
Alisha KoneAlisha Kone
Nikolay SpesivtsevNikolay Spesivtsev of Xo Team tikwikitok.com
Veronica Kostya (Nevaaadaa)Nevaaadaa of Xo Team tikwikitok.com
Enny (Purple bear Enny from Metaverse)Xo Team Member Enny tikwikitok.com

XO Team Members Age

Check out their members’ age below.

Danya Boom22 years old as of (2024)
Maks Nemcev25 years old as of (2024)
Timur Sorokin24 years old as of (2024)
BEEMBI20 years old as of (2024)
Chana Chanderland19 Years Old (Estimated)
Kristina Kim24 years old as of (2024)
Elsarca24 years old as of (2024)
Nastya Badbarbie22 years old as of (2024)
Dasha Dzhakeli25 years old as of (2024)
Kristi Krime20 years old as of (2024)
Alisha Kone21 years old as of (2024)
Nikolay Spesivtsev20 years old as of (2024)
Veronica Kostya (Nevaaadaa)19 years old as of (2024)
Enny (Purple bear Enny from Metaverse)Not Known

Connect With the XO Team

Xo Team Members tikwikitok.com
Image Credit:- Xo Team’s Instagram

Follow the XO Team’s social media handles given below so that you can remain up to date with their latest happenings.

TikTokVisit Now
InstagramVisit Now
YoutubeVisit Now

How To Get Into The XO Team?

If you want to join the Xo Team and want to be a popular influencer, there are some rules that you can read below;

If you want to join the Xo Team, you need to send some details given below to the email address [email protected]

1. You must be 18+ age.
2. You need to send all of your social media links.
3. You need to tell them about you (don’t forget the country and city where you live).
4. Why exactly you should become a part of the XO team?

If you are selected, you will receive a reply from their team, and who knows maybe you will become a part of the Xo team and become the Xo Team new member.

Some Interesting Facts About The XO Team.

  • Most of the members of the XO Team are based in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Russia. 
  • XO Team was founded by Gary Gary, who has a huge fan base in the media world.
  • The XO Team web group is established in Los Angeles, and all the members live together to collaborate and create interesting content.
  • Apart from Gary Gary, Mary Sen co-founded the XO Team; however, at present, she is not a member of the web group.
  • Their members are also active on Snapchat and often update pictures of their collaboration on the platform.

FAQs Related To XO Team

What is XO Team TikTok?

XO Team is a TikTok web group where many TikTok stars and bloggers come together to make content for TikTok and Instagram accounts.

Who created the XO Team?

The XO Team TikTok group was created by Mary Senn together with Gary Grey.

How many members are there on the Xo team?

Currently, the XO Team consists of 15 members.

Xo Team is from which country?

It’s from Russia.

Where is the XO Team established?

XO Team was established in 2020 and is based in Los Angeles.

Where to find the XO Team?

XO Team is active on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and even Snapchat.

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