North Star Boys Members, Nationality, Ages, & More (Updated)

North Star Boys Members

North Star Boys is one of the very famous social media web groups active on YouTube and other platforms. The web group was launched on August 28th, 2021, and since then has gained humongous popularity on various forums.

North Star Boys has been a passion project and consists of a closely bonded group of friends who love each other immensely. Here you will know the North Star Boys Members, Nationality, Ages, Facts & More.

After being active on social media for a few years, Oliver and Sebastian Moy wanted to build a web group that would positively impact the netizens. That is when Oliver and Sebastian brought together their celebrity best friends and finally formed the North Star Boys.

The group hones young and passionate social media influencers who make sure that with each interesting post, they impact as many people as possible.

The web group is managed by nationally recognized entrepreneur Tyler Bray. He along with Sebastian and Oliver makes sure that the group is organized and the online platforms are curated properly.

Besides being the primary manager of North Star Boys, Tyler is also the very first investor for the web group.

The North Star Boys Member’s Ages

The North Star Boys is a group of six members and one manager. The founders are Oliver and Sebastian Moy.

Apart from them, North Star Boys has five other members namely Justin Phan, Kane Bray, Darren Liang, Ryan Nguyen, and Regie Macalino. Sebastian Moy is a 19-year-old Instagram Star and his brother Oliver Moy is a famous TikTok star.

Justin Phan aged 22 years is also a TikTok celebrity. Regie Macalino, 21 is similarly a famous face on TikTok and other platforms. Kane Bray from the United States is aged 23 and Darren Liang from Brooklyn is 20 years old.

Ryan Nguyen who is the new addition is 21 years old. All the members of the North Star Boys web group are well-recognized faces on various social media platforms.

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The North Star Boys’ Net Worth

Talking about the NSB group logo, consisting of a star and the initial of their title thoroughly exhibits their namesake. As a web group, NSB has a net worth of more than $2 million.

North Star Boys comprises some renowned TikTok star and their limelight and popularity attracted a lot of audiences to the web group.

Social Media Content

The North Star Boys are extremely popular on social media forums like TikTok, YouTube, and even Instagram. On TikTok, North Star Boys has gained millions of followers and has earned over 150 million views.

Most of North Star Boys’ TikTok content caters to lip-sync, musical videos, albums, and other videos on the forum. Their engaging content on TikTok has made North Star Boys one of the most loved groups of boys on the forum.

North Star Boys have also trailed the path of popularity through platforms like YouTube and Instagram. NSB launched its YouTube channel in August 2021 and since then has uploaded a plethora of videos on the platform.

Primarily North Star Boys’ YouTube videos include pranks, challenges, vlogs, experiences, and much more. Over the years, the North Star Boys YouTube web group has gained lakhs of subscribers and received tremendous love from them.

Besides TikTok and YouTube, NorthStarBoys also has an official page on Instagram.

North Star Boys’ Instagram content caters to photoshoots of the boys, along with their pictures from various events, concerts, and much more. Even on the gram, North Star Boys has lakhs of followers as their Insta-fam.

NSB recognizes itself as a musical band and they perform at various events and music festivals. Check out the North Star Boys Members, Nationality, Ages, Facts & More below.

North Star Boys Members With Photos

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Here is the list of North Star Boys members given in the table below. We will keep updating this list.

Oliver Moy (Co-founder)North Star Boys Members Olivia
Sebastian Moy (Co-founder)North Star Boys Members Sebastian
Justin PhanNorth Star Boys Members Justin
Kane RatanNorth Star Boys Members Kane
Darren LiangNorth Star Boys Members Darren
Regie MacalinoNorth Star Boys Members Regie
Ryan NguyenNorth Star Boys Member Ryan
Tyler Bray (Manager)North Star Boys Manager Tyler

Connect With North Star Boys

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Follow North Star Boys’ social media handles given below so that you can remain up to date with their latest happenings.

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FAQs Related To North Star Boys

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North Star Boys Nationality
Image Credit:- North Star Boys’ Instagram
What is North Star Boys?

North Star Boys is a well-known web group of friends popular on various social media platforms.

Who are North Star Boys’ team members?

North Star Boys’ team members are Sebastian Moy, Oliver Moy, Justin Phan, Kane Bray, Darren Liang, Ryan, and Regie Macalino.

Who are North Star Boys’ founders?

North Star Boys was founded by the Moy brothers Oliver and Sebastián.

What is North Star Boys’ TikTok content?

North Star Boys’ TikTok content caters to lip-sync and other videos.

What are North Star Boys’ YouTube videos?

North Star Boys’ YouTube content caters to pranks, challenges, and more.

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