The Beverly Halls Members, Ages, Net Worth, House & More

The Beverly Halls Members

The Beverly Halls is one of the most popular YouTube web groups that rose to fame after sharing interesting videos on their channel. This YouTube web group got launched on July 10, 2014, and since then, The Beverly Halls has garnered a massive fan following. The Beverly Halls is a five-membered YouTube web group consisting of Brooke Ashley Hall, Macro Hall, Braylon Hall, Caedon Hall, and Mar’Cannon. Here you will get to know The Beverly Halls Members, Ages, Net Worth, House & More.

This YouTube channel hosts family entertaining videos, clips from the everyday lives of the Halls, fun games, challenges, and much more. As of now, the Beverly Hall YouTube channel owns over 5.1 million subscribers and its total views have crossed 5 billion. Since their journey on YouTube, the Beverly Halls have uploaded over 2400 videos on their channel making them one of the most active web groups on the platform.

Brooke Ashely Hall and Macro Hall are the primary curators of their YouTube channels. The web group focuses its YouTube videos mostly on family-driven content like playtime, challenges, pranks, vlogs, and many more to add to the list. As per sources, their most viewed video involved adult toys and lingerie and it had received 300k views.

The members of the Beverly Halls include father Macro Hall, aged 37, mother Brooke Ashley Hall, aged 29, Braylon Hall, aged 13 Mar’Cannon, aged 6, and Caedon Hall, aged 2. Macro Hall, the father is an American-based boxer who gained popularity after being recognized as a TikTok and YouTube star. Brooke Ashley Hall is also a model and TikToker who owns nearly millions of followers on TikTok.

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The Beverly Halls are also active on TikTok, where they have gained a humungous fan base. They constantly upload lip-syncs, dance, family fun, games, challenges, and pranks on their TikTok account. Over the years the Beverly Halls have earned over 44k followers on their official TikTok web group.

The Beverly Halls exhibits an American-based family of five. As of sources, Brooke was previously married and had Braylon out of her first wedlock. Macro is his stepfather of Braylon, however, the bond between them is simply fantastic. Brooke takes pride in being the mother of three boys and loves to post pictures of the brothers on her Instagram page.

The Beverly Halls treat their fans and subscribers with logs from their everyday life, and other family-related content. Some of their most popular videos include entertaining family challenges like Last to Fall Asleep wins $10,000, Buying Anything in One Color for 24 hours challenge, and more. The Beverly Halls treat their subscribers with frequent YouTube shots, showcasing glimpses of their daily life, dancing, family time, and a lot more. Many of the Beverly Hall YouTube shots have reached over 1 million views.

Like most other YouTube web groups, the Beverly Halls haven’t restrained from a couple of music videos on their channel. In August 2021, they uploaded their first official music video titled ‘The World Is Ours’, which gained more than 1.5 million views.

Later in November 2021, they came out with a brand new lyrical video titled ‘Deck The Halls’, which became a huge success as well. The Beverly Halls are very popular on several platforms including YouTube and TikTok. Their social media presence brings them massive glory in the form of their name as well as fame. The family has multiple income sources which would make their net worth around $2 million as of 2024. Check out updated The Beverly Halls Members, Ages, Net Worth, House & More.

The Beverly Halls Member’s Name With Their Photos

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Here is the list of The Beverly Halls members’ names with their photos given in the table below. We will keep updating this list.

Brooke Ashley HallBrooke Ashley Hall of The Beverly Halls
Marco HallMarco Hall of The Beverly Halls
Braylon HallBraylon Hall of The Beverly Halls
Caedon HallImage Not Available
Mar’CannonImage Not Available

Connect With The Beverly Halls

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Follow The Beverly Halls’ social media handles given below so that you can remain up to date with their latest happenings.

FacebookVisit Now
YoutubeVisit Now

FAQs Related To The Beverly Halls

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The Beverly Halls
Image Credit:- Brooke Ashley Hall’s Instagram
What is the net worth of The Beverly Halls?

The Beverly Halls is one of the most popular web groups that has created a niche for itself. It is branched out to other social media forums adding to its net worth and as of 2024, Beverly Halls’s net worth is around $2 million.

What are The Beverly Hall member’s ages?

The Beverly Halls is a five-membered family comprising of Father Macro Hall, aged 39, mother Brooke Ashley Hall, aged 31, Braylon Hall, aged 14, Mar’Cannon, aged 8, and Caedon Hall, aged 3.

Did The Beverly Halls move to a new House?

Yes, The Beverly Halls found their dream home earlier this year and they gave a tour of their dream home through their YouTube channel in February 2022.

How much is The Beverly Hall’s new house cost?

The Beverly Hall’s new home cost them a whopping $65 million.

What is The Beverly Halls’ YouTube content?

Beverly Hall’s YouTube videos include family-related content like challenges, anniversaries, birthdays, games, pranks, their everyday life, and more.

What is The Beverly Halls TikTok follower count?

The Beverly Halls also have a wide audience on TikTok with nearly 44k followers on the platform.

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