The Sharp Twins Members, Names, Ages, Facts & More (Updated)

The Sharp Twins Members

The Sharp Twins is a TikTok collective of two twin brothers who have earned a huge reputation in the media world. This famous web group is best known for creating highly creative content on TikTok and other social media platforms. The Sharp Twins content collective has amassed a massive fan following. Here you will know The Sharp Twins Members, Names, Ages, Facts & More.

Born in England, The Sharp Twins collective has niched a unique space for themselves through their personal TikTok account. The brothers duo have charmed the internet with outstanding videos set on popular songs. Through their creative content on TikTok and Instagram, The Sharp Twins have emerged as one of the most popular sibling web groups in the media world.

The British brothers are widely known for posting entertaining dance performances and have also participated in the renowned dance competition Battle of the Year, 2017. Their groovy dance moves leave the netizens in complete awe. As a twin collective, the brother duo is rising as social media influencers and digital content creators.

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The Sharp Twins’ Members and Their Real Ages

The Sharp Twins consist of famous TikTok celebrities Lewis Sharp and James Sharp. The twins were born on 9th February 2001 and are currently 23 years old. It is without a doubt that The Sharp Twins are quite young and handsome, thus attracting a swamp of female attention.

Net Worth

Through social media collectives, The Sharp Twins have gained a massive fan following that adds to their net income. The Twins have also collaborated with several celebrities and brands. Even individually, Lewis and James have earned from their respective social media pages. The net worth of The Sharp Twins is around $1 million.

Social Media Content

The Sharp Twins launched their popular TikTok collective in 2018 after they had considerable fame on their individual TikTok channel. The Sharp Twins TikTok channel became one of the most loved channels on the platform receiving tremendous support from TikTok users. The boys posted entertaining and engaging content on their official channels. Most of The Sharp Twin’s TikTok channel catered to a mix of lip-syncing and comedy videos. Through their amazing content on TikTok, The Sharp Twins have gained millions of fan following on TikTok.

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Apart from TikTok, The Sharp Twins have made their way to other social media forums like Instagram. The Sharp Twins share some fantastic reels on their official collaborative Instagram page. Most of The Sharp Twin’s Instagram posts cater to lip-sync dance routines via reels, all set to popular songs. The Sharp Twins made their Instagram debut on July 8, 2020, however, the twins are not much active on the channel. Nevertheless, The Sharp Twins have gained lots of followers on their Insta page.

The Sharp Twins have made their way to YouTube as well. The twins launched their YouTube channel in August 2016, however, made their YouTube debut in November 2021 with a music video named Bite Back. The Sharp Twins are not very active on YouTube and have earned thousands of subscribers on the channel. Most of The Sharp Twin’s YouTube videos are official audio namely Miss Criminal, Shimmy, etc. Check out The Sharp Twins Members, Names, Ages, Facts & More below.

The Sharp Twins Member Names
Image Credit:- The Sharp Twins’ Instagram

The Sharp Twins Members With Their Photos

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Here is the list of The Sharp Twins members with their photos given in the table below. We will keep updating this list.

Lewis SharpThe Sharp Twins Member Lewis
James SharpThe Sharp Twins Member James

Connect With The Sharp Twins

Follow The Sharp Twins’ social media handles given below so that you can remain up to date with their latest happenings.

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FAQs Related To The Sharp Twins

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What is The Sharp Twins’ real age?

Born on 9th February 2001, The Sharp Twins are 23 years old.

Who are The Sharp Twins?

The Sharp Twins includes famous TikTok celebrities James and Lewis Sharp.

What is The Sharp Twins’ net worth?

Sharp Twins’ net worth is around $1 million.

What is The Sharp Twins’ TikTok content?

Most of The Sharp Twins’ TikTok content caters to lip-sync and comedy content.

What are The Sharp Twins’ Instagram posts?

The Sharp Twins’ Insta posts cater to entertaining reels, pictures of the duo, and more.

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