GOATFAMLA Members, Names, Ages, Facts & More (Updated)

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GOATFAMLA is a popular social media collective that has gained a humongous fan following through its creative content on TikTok. This famous web group is a collaboration of well-known TikTok stars who are very famous in their individual capacity. However, they came together in this collective forum to create more fun and entertaining content. Here you will know the GOATFAMLA Members, Names, Ages, Net Worth & More.

Just like any other web group, GoatFamLA rose to fame after the celebrated members of the group announced the formation of this group and that they are moving in. As per sources, GoatFamLA was founded by renowned TikTok celebrity Gavin Magnus. Since GoatFamLA started its journey on social media, the members took over the internet with their creative collaboration.

The GoatFamLA group was known for sharing their lifestyle with their legions of Instagram followers who shower tremendous love upon them. Through Instagram, GoatFamLA propelled to other platforms like TikTok and YouTube and continues to reign over the internet.

The GoatFamLA group owns property in Los Angeles, California, and often shares content from there. One of GoatFamLA’s most popular videos happens to be the group dance set to Pop Smoke’s ‘For the Night’.

Real Ages of GOATFAMLA Members

Surprisingly GoatFamLA was joined by around 21 members during its course of operation. However, most of the GoatFamLA members happen to be in their teenage years and are on the edge of attaining adulthood.

The GOATFAMLA members’ real ages are Gavin Magnus (15), Coco Quinn (14), Sophie Fergi (15), Brooklyn Queen (17), Walker Bryant (16), Sicily Rose (17), Sarah Dorothy Little (17), Blake Manning (17), Capri Everitt (18), Giada Ryann (14), Jakob Magnus (17), Alectra Cox (19), Alexandra Liona Bryant (14), Parker Pannell (19), Solomon Berg (21),  Ella Noel (16), DeLijah McAlpin (15),  Ryker Baloun (17),  Lexi Cobbe (18), Gabi Palooza (16), and Katie Tua (42).

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Net Worth

GoatFamLA is one of the most popular collectives on social media and has some of the very famous faces in the media world. The web group sources most of its income from its social media collectives inclusive of the individual income of the stars. Hence the GoatFamLA net worth is around $1 million.

Social Media Content

As a social media collective, GoatFamLA made its debut via Instagram. The GoatFamLA Insta page was launched in 2020 and since then the GoatFamLA members have been very active on the channel.

Though most GoatFamLA members have already left the group, however during their stay in the LA-based property they have created some amazing content. Most of GoatFamLA’s Instagram posts include their luxurious lifestyle, funny reels, pictures from their BTS, and more. On the Gram, GoatFamLA has gained lakhs of followers.

Apart from Instagram, GoatFamLA has made its way to TikTok. On the platform, GoatFamLA shared highly engaging content that includes collaborative performances, fun time from the house, and more. Over the years, GoatFamLA TikTok videos have gained lakhs of followers on TikTok as well.

The GoatFamLA family has also made their way to YouTube as they launched their channel on 31st August 2020. Since then, the GoatFamLA members have been quite active on YouTube.

Most GoatFamLA YouTube video includes a series of episodes that caters to a particular topic or season. Through these episodes, GoatFamLA exhibits its outstanding lifestyle from the house and some engaging content. So far GoatFamLA has earned lakhs of subscribers on YouTube. Check out the updated GOATFAMLA Members, Names, Ages, Net Worth & More below.

GOATFAMLA Member Names tikwikitok.com
Image Credit:- GOATFAMLA’s Instagram

GOATFAMLA Members With Their Photos

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Here is the list of GOATFAMLA members with their photos given in the table below. I will keep updating this list.

Gavin MagnusGOATFAMLA Member Gavin tikwikitok.com
Coco Quinn (former)GOATFAMLA Member Coco tikwikitok.com
Sophie Fergi (former)GOATFAMLA Member Sophie tikwikitok.com
Brooklyn Queen (former)Brooklyn Queen Wiki tikwikitok.com
Walker Bryant (former)GOATFAMLA Member Walker tikwikitok.com
Sicily Rose (former)GOATFAMLA Member Sicily tikwikitok.com
Sarah Dorothy Little (former)GOATFAMLA Member Sarah tikwikitok.com
Blake Manning (former)GOATFAMLA Member Blake tikwikitok.com
Capri Everitt (former)GOATFAMLA Member Capri tikwikitok.com
Giada RyannGOATFAMLA Member Ryann tikwikitok.com
Jakob MagnusGOATFAMLA Member Jakob tikwikitok.com
Alectra Cox (former)GOATFAMLA Member Alectra tikwikitok.com
Parker Pannell (former)GOATFAMLA Member Parker tikwikitok.com
Alexandra Leona Bryant (former)GOATFAMLA Member Alexandra tikwikitok.com
Solomon Berg (former)GOATFAMLA Member Solomon tikwikitok.com
Ella Noel (former)GOATFAMLA Member Ellanoel tikwikitok.com
DeLijah McAlpin (former)GOATFAMLA Member Delijah tikwikitok.com
Gabi PaloozaGOATFAMLA Member Gabi tikwikitok.com
Ryker Baloun (former)GOATFAMLA Member Ryker tikwikitok.com
Lexi Cobbe (former)GOATFAMLA Member Lexi tikwikitok.com
Katie Tua (former)GOATFAMLA Member Tua tikwikitok.com

Connect With GOATFAMLA

Follow GOATFAMLA’s social media handles given below so that you can remain up to date with their latest happenings.

TikTokVisit Now
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What is GoatFamLA’s net worth?

The net worth of GoatFamLA is around $1 million.

Who is GoatFamLA’s founder?

The famous TikTok star Gavin Magnus happens to be the founder of GoatFamLA.

Where is GoatFamLA’s property located?

As per sources, the GoatFamLA property is located in Los Angeles, California.

What is GoatFamLA’s Instagram content?

On the Gram, GoatFamLA shares pictures from their lifestyle from the house, entreating reels, relatable shorts, and more.

What is GoatFamLA’s TikTok videos?

On TikTok, GoatFamLA shares lifestyle, challenges, and other engaging short videos.

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