BIP House Members, Names, Nationality, Ages & More (Updated)

BIP House Members

BIP House is a popular web group of friends that rose to fame after their games and challenges-related videos went viral on social media forums. This social media collective gained a massive fan following through its interesting content and entertaining videos. The thing that makes this social media collective exceptional from others is that all the members who appear in the video are seen wearing onesie pajamas. Here you will know the BIP House Members, Names, Nationality, Ages & More.

Founded in July 2020 at Almaty, BIP House was conceived with the idea of TikTok stars Tair Kaliev and Akshat Khalimov. The members of the web group all belong to the land of Kazakhstan and BIP House happens to be the very first social media collective formed on the land. In 2021, BIP House became part of JKS entertainment and was then headed by Beksultan Kazbek.

What started with eight members had nearly 15 members in two years. As a social media collective, BIP House won Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards as the favorite house of Russian viewers and also bagged the second position in the list of Russian TikTok bloggers. BIP House happens to be the third biggest TikTok collective to have over 25 million followers on TikTok.

BIP House Members

All the BIP House members happen to be very young and good-looking. Initially, the BIP House had only eight members namely Tair Kaliev, Salizhan Abdibevkov, Vypnot, Daulet Abdulov, and Olzhas Kurbanov. Luna Gizatulayeva, and Abeyk Konisbaev.

In the next two years, BIP House saw new members like Aida Kurmangalieva, Diaz Alpisbaev, Rakhat Masakbai, Jasmin Saideldinova, Gulzana Talgat, Aziza Sarsenova, Tell Mustafaeva. All the members of the BIP House are in their 20s and quite popular on TikTok. However, there are currently 6 members who are active in this web group.

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Net Worth

Primarily the net income of BIP House is sourced from the major social media presence. On all of their official social media accounts, BIP House has earned a massive fan following which adds to their net worth.

Also, the members of BIP House are individually active on various platforms. The BIP House’s net worth is inclusive of all of the above. Hence the net worth of BIP House is around $5 million.

Social Media Content

The BIP House started its journey in the media world through TikTok in 2020. Since then, BIP House has earned millions of followers on their official TikTok channel. Most BIP House TikTok content caters to gaming and challenges-related videos. Over the years, through the BIP House TikTok channel, the members have won the hearts of millions of Russian netizens.

Apart from TikTok, BIP House has made its way to YouTube as well. The BIP House YouTube channel was launched on August 10, 2021, and on October 9, 2021, BIP House made its debut on YouTube.

Most BIP House YouTube videos cater to short videos of entertaining content, performances, challenges, pranks, games, and more. BIP House has amassed millions of subscribers on their YouTube channel.

BIP House has also trailed the path of popularity through Instagram. The Instagram of BIP House owns lakhs of followers as Insta fam who shower love and support on the group.

Most BIP House Instagram posts include reels, photoshoots of the members, and travel reels, along with entreating content via the reels. It is the BIP House’s social media presence that has made them world-renowned. Check out the updated BIP House Members, Names, Nationality, Ages & More below.

BIP House Member Names
Image Credit:- BIP House’s Instagram

BIP House Members’ Name With Their Photos

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Here is the list of BIP House members with their photos given in the table below. We will keep updating this list.

thedaqletBIP House Member thedaqlet
monalemiBIP House Member Monalemi
saideldinova_zhasminBIP House Member zhasmin
Luna Dy McCall (lunadymccallll)BIP House Member luna
Rakhat MasaqBIP House Member rakhat
sixtyrichBIP House Member sixtyrich

Connect With BIP House

Follow BIP House’s social media handles given below so that you can remain up to date with their latest happenings.

TikTokVisit Now
InstagramVisit Now
YoutubeVisit Now

FAQs Related To BIP House

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What is BIP House’s TikTok content?

BIP House’s TikTok content caters to games, challenges, and other fun short videos. 

What is BIP House’s net worth?

The net worth of BIP House is around $5 million.

Who are the current members of the BIP House?

Currently, BIP House has six active members namely Luna Gizatulaeva, Aida Kurmangalieva, Diaz Alpisbaev, Daulet Abdulov, Rakhat Masakbai, and Jasmin Saideldinova.

What are BIP House’s YouTube videos?

BIP House’s YouTube videos include gaming, challenges, and other funny shorts.

Where is the BIP House house located?

The BIP House house is located in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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  4. i love all the members in bip house luan mona and zhasmin are my fav girls they all are so beautiful and the boys daqlet rakhat dias are handsome but i think in my opinion out of the guys in bip house dias is the cutes also think zhasmin would be so cute together they would make a great couple for sure and so would mona and rakhat and luan and raides i can see the connection between luan and raides and i can see the connection between zhasmin and dias and i see the connection between mona and rakhat also im a big fan of you all

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