Hype House Members’ Names And Pictures (Updated)

Hype House Members tikwikitok.com

Hype House is one of the most famous TikTok web groups that are also popular on other social media platforms. The Hype House members (including former members) are Ryland Storms, Chase Hudson, Kouvr Annon, CalvinGoldby, Bryce Hall, Tayler Holder, Nick Austin, Alex Warren, Thomas Petrou, James Wright, Jackson Dean, and many more. Here you will get to know Hype House Members’ names and pictures.

The Hype House launched its YouTube channel in December 2019. This web group is named after the actual house where famous YouTubers, social media influencers, and other TikTok stars come together to live in Los Angeles. As per sources Thomas Petrou owns the Hype House. With their highly energetic and entertaining videos, the Hype House has gained over 1.63 million subscribers on its YouTube channel.

As per sources, the Hype House members are bound to abide by certain rules like they can invite friends from outside but they cannot throw a party. If a member breaks something in the house, he/she has to replace the thing within a specific period of 15 days. And one of the most essential rules is that every member has to make a TikTok video once every three days.

Later in 2021, the Hype House made its entry into TikTok as a web group. With their very first video, they achieved more followers than there were on their Instagram. In just about a year, the Hype House has gained over 21 million followers on their TikTok channel and nearly 790 million hearts.

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In December 2021, the Hype House uploaded a video on their TikTok channel that boosted their popularity overnight. That video became their catalyst and touched the audience they were targeting. Besides this TikTok group got hyped after it was featured on the For You Page of TikTok. The Hype House TikTok videos include videos that are short yet highly entertaining and are widely popular amongst TikTok users.

The Hype House captures all its videos from Thomas Petrou’s house, where the entire living arrangement is done. The major credit for the huge fandom of the Hype House goes to the star cast it owns. The Hype house is a collaborative genre that is best known for the popular stars and celebrities it hones.

In April 2021, one of the biggest entertainment houses Netflix announced a reality series titled ‘The Hype House’ that would cater to the daily life of celebrities. The first season of the reality series was piloted on January 7, 2022, with 8 episodes for starters, starring Annon, Dragun, Hacker, Hayward, Hudson, Merritt, Petrou, Warren, and Wright. The Hype House, one of the best TikTok web groups is loaded with stars and their respective fan following. It has gained a humongous fan following in a three years journey. Currently, their collaborative net worth is around $10 million. Check out the updated Hype House Members’ names and pictures.

Hype House Members’ Names And Pictures

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Here is the list of Hype House Members’ names with their pictures given in the table below. We will keep updating this list.

Vinnie HackerVinnie Hacker of Hype House tikwikitok.com
Paige TaylorPaige Taylor of Hype House tikwikitok.com
Jacob DayJacob Day of Hype House tikwikitok.com
Jackson DeanJackson Dean of Hype House tikwikitok.com
Thomas Petrou (Founder of Hype House)Thomas Petrou (Founder of Hype House) tikwikitok.com
Bryce ParkerBryce Parker of Hype House tikwikitok.com
Tabitha SwatoshTabitha Swatosh of Hype House tikwikitok.com
Mia HaywardMia Hayward of Hype House tikwikitok.com
Ace AkersAce Akers of Hype House tikwikitok.com
Kristian RameyKristian Ramey of Hype House tikwikitok.com
Jake HaywardJake Hayward of Hype House tikwikitok.com
Eddie PreciadoEddie Preciado of Hype House tikwikitok.com

Connect With Hype House

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Follow Hype House’s social media handles given below so that you can remain up to date with their latest happenings.

TikTokVisit Now
InstagramVisit Now
YoutubeVisit Now

FAQs Related To Hype House

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Hype House tikwikitok.com
Image Credit:- Hype House’s Instagram
Who created the web group The Hype House?

The famous web group Hype House was created by famous YouTuber Thomas Petrou along with TikToker Chase Hudson.

What is the collective Net Worth of Hype House?

The star-studded web group has multiple income sources and its current net worth would be around $10 million.

What is Hype House Instagram follower count?

The Hype House is also big on Instagram and has an Insta-fam of more than 5.5 million.

Is Hype House on Netflix?

Yes, Netflix launched an eight-episode reality series titled the Hype House featuring the daily lives of renowned members.

What do Hype House TikTok videos include?

The Hype House TikTok videos include fun challenges, dance, lip-syncs, and other content on the platform. Currently, they have more than 21 million followers on TikTok.

What is the content of the Hype House YouTube channel?

The Hype House YouTube channel hones collaborative videos of its members which includes Q&As, fun challenges, Never have I ever, games, daily lives, and much more.

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