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J House Vlogs is a popular American family channel on YouTube. This famous web group has a huge fan base on YouTube and other platforms. It is one of the most loved groups on YouTube.

The social media collective has won the hearts of millions of fans through their amazing videos. They started posting on YouTube and gradually went to other social media platforms.

The YouTube channel of this family has a massive fandom. The fans and followers of this group showed a tremendous amount of love for the celebrities. The family posts fun and interesting videos on YouTube.

The family videos on this channel are something that netizens love to watch. Through the years, they have earned a huge fan base. The funny challenges and everyday videos of this family receive unparalleled love from the netizens. Since the start, the family caught the attention of netizens.

This YouTube channel consists of seven members. Out of seven, Kendra Johnston and Jeremy Johnson are the parents of the group and the rest are their kids.

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J House Vlogs Age

It is a group of seven family members. All the members of the family are of different age groups. The members of this family have two adults and five kids. Amongst the five kids, two of them are teenagers. This channel started when the parents were in their early 30s. Many of their kids were born in the years that J House Vlogs have been active on social media.

The father of the family Jeremy Johnston is the eldest member of the web group. Jeremy was born on October 18, 1982, and is at present 40 years old. The matriarch of the family Kendra Johnston was born on June 21, 1983. Kendra is at present 40 years old.

Issac is the firstborn of Jeremy and Kendra. He was born on June 26, 2008. At present Issac Johnston is 15 years old. The second born of Jeremy and Kendra is Elsie Johnston. She was born on January 20, 2010, and is at present 13 years old.

Caleb Johnston who is at present 11 years old was born on February 11, 2012. Laura is 9 years old and was born on January 25, 2014. Born on March 1st, 2017, Janae is at present 6 years old

The zodiac signs of all the family members are different. Jeremy being an October born is a Libra. Kendra is a Cancer as she was born in June. Isac shares his birthday month with his mother and is a Cancer too.

Elsie is a January born and is an Aquarius. Caleb was born in February and is an Aquarius. Laura too is an Aquarius being a January-born. Janae is a March born and has the zodiac sign of Pisces.

J House Vlogs Net Worth

The family has gained so much in such a short period. Most of their net worth comes from the social media presence of the web group. Apart from their social media profile, the family also endorses several brands.

The net worth of this family differs from source to source. But the net worth of J House Vlogs is approximately around $2 million. The whooping net worth of this family leads to the luxurious life that they live.

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How did J House Vlogs Start?

This YouTube channel started in the year 2014. The web group rose to fame in no time. The channel started documenting the everyday lives of the family members. Jeremy and Kendra tied the knot in December 2004.

The couple were still in college when they got married. In the start, Kendra suffered from infertility. But later on, the couple had five children together. The five kids of the family are Issac, Elise, Caleb, Laura, and Janae.

J House Vlogs is a well-established family that believes in Christianity. All the members of this group are American citizens. This is a family of famous YouTubers like Jeremy, the father.

It is a channel that documents the everyday life of the family. The vlogs of the family showcase their everyday lifestyle. The family members hail from Kansas City, Missouri. In 2019, the family shifted to the island of Puerto Rico but the family moved back to Kansas City in the same year.

The parents of this family also run their own YouTube channel however they are not so active now. This channel has millions of subscribers on YouTube. The web group uploads everyday vlogs on the channel.

Apart from YouTube, they have also been active on Instagram. They have lakhs of followers on their Instagram page. Their Instagram account features the kids and the parents. They upload reels and pictures from everyday life on the official Insta page.

J House Vlogs tikwikitok.com
Image Credit:- J House Vlogs’ Instagram

J House Vlogs Members With Photos

Here is the list of J House Vlogs members with their photos given in the table below. I will keep updating this list.

Kendra JohnstonJ House Vlogs Kendra tikwikitok
Elise JohnstonJ House Vlogs Elise tikwikitok
Isaac JohnstonJ House Vlogs Isaac tikwikitok
Caleb JohnstonJ House Vlogs Caleb tikwikitok
Laura JohnstonJ House Vlogs Laura tikwikitok
Janae JohnstonJ House Vlogs Janae tikwikitok
Jeremy JohnstonJ House Vlogs Jeremy tikwikitok

Connect With J House Vlogs

Follow their social media handles given below so that you can remain up to date with their latest happenings.

TikTokVisit Now
InstagramVisit Now
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Official Websitejhousevlogs.com
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FAQs Related To J House Vlogs

Who are J House Vlogs?

It is a famous social media collective from Kansas City.

What is the net income of J House Vlogs?

The net income of this family is approximately $2 million as of 2024.

How old are the members of J House Vlogs?

Jeremy is 40 years old. Kendra turned 40. Issac is 15 years old. Elsie is 13 years old. Caleb is 11 at present. Laura is 9 and Janae is 6 years old.

Where are J House Vlogs from?

This family is from Kansas City, Missouri.

How many members are there in J House Vlogs?

The web group has a total of seven members in the family.

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