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The ACE Family tikwikitok

The ACE Family is a popular social media web group that has gained huge fame in the media world. This famous YouTube web group hails from America. The web group is amongst the most popular social media collectives.

The web group rose to fame through their YouTube videos. The members of this family have a huge fan base. The family members are internet personalities with tremendous fandom.

The best part about this group is that they post entertaining videos and posts on the media world. They create prank-related videos. They receive a tremendous amount of love from netizens. In the media world, they are famous as pranksters. Their sweet family has gained so much in such a short period.

This family consists of five members including a dog. Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz tied the knot in 2017. It was in August 2017, that Austin and Catherine announced their engagement. Catherine and Austin started dating before joining social media.

Austin was sure that their relationship would work. But because of her past relationship, Catherine was doubtful about the same. But finally, the duo ended up together and together led a happy life since 2017.

Austin hails from Los Angeles, California. While Catherine is a Canadian beauty. At present the duo live together along with their three kids Elle, Alaia, and Steel. Together the five of them form the ACE Family.

Austin and Catherine share their lifestyle-related content on social media. As per their social media, the family also includes a dog who is an integral part of the web group.

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The ACE Family Age

They started their journey in the media world when Austin and Catherine were dating. The members of The ACE Family are from all age groups. The family includes two adults and three kids.

Austin and Catherine started the journey on social media when they were in their 20s. While the duo were progressing in their social media journey, the kids were born.

Austin McBroom was born on May 20th, 1992, and is currently 32 years old. Catherine Paiz was born in August 1991 and is 33 years old. As for the kids, Elle McBroom is their firstborn.

Elle was born on May 28th, 2016, and is at present 7 years old. Alaia McBroom the second daughter of Austin and Catherine was born on October 17, 2018, and is at present 4 years old.

The youngest member of The ACE Family is the son of Austin and Catherine. Steel McBroom was born on June 20, 2020, and is at present 3 years old.

Catherine Paiz is an August-born and is a Virgo. Austin McBroom is a Taurus as he was born in May. Elle being a May born is a Gemini. Alaia was born in October and is a Libra. Steel McBroom is a June born and has the zodiac sign of Gemini.

The ACE Family Net Worth

They have gained so much in such a short period. Most of their net worth comes from the social media profile of the web group. They have been active on various platforms.

Over the years, the family has become one of the most loved YouTube families. Along with social media presence, brand endorsements also add to the net income of The ACE Family. The family is also featured in various advertisements. That also elevates the income of this family.

The net worth of this web group differs from source to source. However, the net worth of The ACE Family is approximately $5 million. The brand value of this family garners them huge amount of money.

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How did The ACE Family Start?

The ACE Family started in the year 2016. It was in January 2016 that they started their journey on YouTube. Austin and Catherine made their debut on social media in 2016. Then Catherine was pregnant with their first child. In 2017 the duo tied the knot.

Since the start, they have been very active across YouTube. Through the years, the ACE Family YouTube channel has earned millions of followers. Their YouTube videos include pranks, vlogs, experiences, and fun family challenges.

Apart from YouTube, they are also active on TikTok as well. The family receives tremendous amounts of love from the netizens on TikTok. The official TikTok channel of this web group includes pranks and challenges. They have gained millions of followers on their official TikTok channel.

Along with that, the members has won the heart of millions through their Insta profile. Though the family has recently joined Instagram. They upload family-related pictures on their Instagram page.

The ACE Family Members tikwikitok
Image Credit:- The ACE Family’s Instagram

The ACE Family Members With Photos

Here is the list of The ACE Family members with their photos given in the table below. I will keep updating this list.

Catherine PaizThe ACE Family Member Catherine tikwikitok
Austin McBroomThe ACE Family Members Austin tikwikitok
Elle McBroomThe ACE Family Members Elle tikwikitok
Alaïa McBroomThe ACE Family Members Alaia tikwikitok
Steel McBroomThe ACE Family Members Steel tikwikitok

Connect With The ACE Family

Follow their social media handles given below so that you can remain up to date with their latest happenings.

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FAQs Related To The ACE Family

Who is The ACE Family?

It is a popular social media web group from the United States.

How old are the members of The ACE Family?

The real age of the members of this web group are Austin (31), Catherine (32), Elle (7), Alaia (4), and Steel (3).

What is the net worth of The ACE Family?

The net income of this family is approximately around $5 million as of 2024.

What is The ACE Family YouTube content?

Their YouTube content includes vlogs, pranks, funny videos, Family related challenges.

When did The ACE Family start?

They started in the year 2016 in January.

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